Bella Valencia Favorit
Highland Fold /red bicolor
Bella Valencia Favorit
Date of birth 27 February 2018
Highland Fold
Color: red bicolor
A wonderful Scottish longhair kitten (Highland Fold) born in our cattery began his show career at the Kitten Class.
A large, rounded head, an excellent profile, an excellent forehead, great color of the face.
Very expressive, large, round eyes of copper color.
Little ears are perfectly folded.
The body is strong, balanced, and perfectly formed.
The coat is quite long, bright red, excellent balance.
The tail is long, flexible, with dense coat.
Show condition!
He is a wonderful cat, extremely affectionate, sociable, kind, playful.
The results of the show in Krasnoyarsk on 10 June 2018
WCF RING - 1st place!!!
BEST OF BEST - Best Kitten!!!
Monobreed Show - 1st place!!!

The results of the show in Krasnoyarsk on 4 January 2019
Bella Valencia Favorit SFL d 03
WCF RING ADULT - 2nd place!!!
BIS nomination
The results of the cat show in Krasnoyarsk on 23 March 2019
WCF RING ADULT - 2nd place!!! (34 animals)
Fan Show - 2nd place!!!
Best of Best 2
BIS nomination

The results of one day of the show in Abakan 20 April 2019
WCF ring adult - 4nd place!!!
BIS nomination

Our dear customers about us
Natalia, thank you!! For your beautiful girl DJENNY!! She gives me joy! Little Jennie is a very kind and affectionate pussycat. She behaves impeccably at the cat shows. She is just a treasure as a mommy!!
Irina Zubkova
cat Djenny
A year ago this little miracle appeared in our cattery! Our Morsya (according to her passport, she's Isida Moransy) is a funny and very brave girl. When she was six months old, she got 7 prizes in the junior class at the cat show in Krasnoyarsk (of which two were for the Best both days of the show). Now we have her kittens growing up. Thanks to Natalia Khavkunova for the beautiful kitty.
Anna Zaplatina
kitty Isida Moransy
Huge thanks to Natalia Khavkunova. The kitty got to the Crimea quickly, safe and sound)). She is affectionate, calm, playful; the breed is immediately felt. She has become the best friend for the whole family, and especially for children, they just do not part with her! According to the passport, she's Bella Valencia Olicia, but the children categorically call her Murka, because as soon as she is patted, she immediately starts to purr!
kitty Bella Valencia Olicia
Huge thanks to Natalia Khavkunova for our Romeo.
The cat is a miracle, he's very playful and good-mannered. I am very glad that such a kitten appeared in my cattery. We were very pleased that Natalya personally brought the kitten to the Crimea, I was glad to get acquainted with such a wonderful, kind-hearted breeder.

Elya Mikhailova
cat Bella Valencia Romeo
Thanks a lot to Natalia for a wonderful kitty called Tais. Immediately upon arrival, she became a favourite in our family. She gets on with children very well, she's always affectionate and playful. Her temper is incomparable. We love this kitty very much.
Lyudmila Grigoryeva
kitty Bella Valencia Tais
Natalia, thank you so much for a beautiful cat. He's very sociable, energetic, cheerful, loves to play football. He gets on well with our other pets.
cat Bella Valencia Uolter
Having covered a distance of over 5000 km, our long-awaited new charming future stud cat came to us. Our wonderful purring kitten arrived in Moscow with his mommy Natalia. The little cat behaved very calmly, he was just lying beside her and purring. And what a distance! On the first day in the new family, he was already playing and jumping. The kitten is a good one, with the sweetest temper. Many thanks to Natalia Khavkunova for this gentle and well-bred cat.
Lyudmila Demyanovna
Bella Valencia Uinston
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